A personal recount about a ski season

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A personal recount about a ski season

Ventures that happened at least in part: Ben Saunders no stranger to Antarctica, was departing the UK on about 27 October to set off on what he called the first solo and unsupported crossing Ben dedicated his trek in memory of Henry Worsley and used a similar route.

Here is a 20 October Outside Online interview with Ben about the venture Ben arrived UG on the first IL flight on 4 November, and was dropped off at his starting point on the 9th thanks to good weather.

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He reached Pole on 29 December but opted to discontinue the rest of his planned trip to the Ross Ice Shelf as he'd run short of food due to delays Telegraph article. Yasunaga Ogita a 40 year old Japanese adventurer from Takasu, Hokkaido, attempted a solo unassisted trip from Hercules Inlet beginning in mid-November.

In the past few years he made two unsuccessful attempts to reach the North Pole. His venture was publicized in this 22 September Japan Times article. He headed south from Japan to Punta Arenas on 10 November and was dropped off at his starting point on the 17th.

His blog in Japanese with photos is here. And as of 5 January he was close Davor Rostuhar Diary index Croatian language site is a year-old Croatian writer and photographer who has traveled extensively worldwide and written six books, including one for National Geographic.

He was attempting to be the first Croatian to reach the South Pole As of late November he was still on a cruise ship He was flown to Hercules Inlet on 1 December.

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He reached Pole on the 18th South Pole time Davor's main website in English and Croatian with more information about him and his previous projects, is here. Scott Sears aka the Antarctic Gurkha an Englishman who became a British Army officer after failed attempts to become a tennis pro and a country music singer in Boise and then got a law degreewas underway on a solo ski trip from Hercules Inlet to Pole.

As of 11 December he was doing well He successfully reached Pole on 27 December. Leo is a year-old rock climber from the Lake District of northern England. Unique in part because their plans did NOT include a visit to Pole unless time permitted. They were dropped off at their starting point on 21 November.

By 8 December they had reached the Gothic Mountains and summited their goal, the Spectre, using much of the north face route followed by Mugs and Ed Stump years earlier. After some more serious climbing, they opted to not head north 60 miles to the Ross Ice Shelf, but instead head south.

By 5 January they were making great kiting speed on the established route from Pole to Union Glacier, with miles left to travel. They arrived in spectacular fashion at Union Glacier on 11 January. Here's a 2 February Stuff. Jade Hameister with guide Eric Philips Jade was a year-old girl from Melbourne, on a ski trip to Pole using a new mile route from the southeast corner of the Ross Ice Shelf up the Reedy and Kansas Glaciers the Kansas Glacier is a tributary to the Reedy.

She was accompanied by her father Paul Hameister, who also happens to be the 12th Australian to climb the Seven Summits, guide Eric Philips, assistant Heath Jamieson, and National Geographic photographer Ming D'Arcy who was capturing stuff for a future documentary.

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Oh, by the way, Jade, Paul, and Eric were in the midst of a Greenland ski crossing east from Kangerlussuaq in May Not a lot of details originally appeared on Jade's website, but Eric posted frequent blog updates on his site as well as daily email updates.

Also, here's a 19 November Australian news article from The Age. They reached Pole on the 11th.Rise of a Rookie: Kevin Wassum And His First Year Racing AquaX.

Kevin Wassum | 25 November, at 2. The P1 AquaX season finals in St.

A personal recount about a ski season

Cloud, Florida would be the last race event of my first year racing a personal watercraft. As a rookie racer, looking at the ski roster for St. Cloud was a bit intimidating. Jerry Mcdermott: 1st to Bring Diving to Belize Jerry McDermott can rightfully be credited as the man who brought scuba diving to Belize.

His journey to the lovely island of Ambergris Caye, off the coast of Belize, began an ocean away when he was born in Dublin, Ireland on May 13, Since the i in io is a semivowel, io is pronounced like yo in attheheels.com word vos may also be used for the singular you to show respect.

The neutral pronoun may be used for any thing, or for any person or animal, regardless of sexual gender. In impersonal constructions, no pronoun is used: Sta pluvendo (It's raining); Ave un problema (There is a problem.).

Hard-core skiers and riders are getting four more chances this season at lift-served skiing with the extended season at Aspen attheheels.com’s kind of the cherry on top of a.

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Through travel, I explore what makes life exciting, meaningful and authentic. Nov 18,  · Best Colorado Ski Resorts: Vail This is the largest of the 10 best Colorado ski resorts – in fact, at more than 5, acres, it's the largest in the United States.

A personal recount about a ski season

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