Current political situation in india essay

Politics is that field in which many of the politician members takes part for the welfare of the democratic countries. Who are politicians In the country, the politician is that people, who take the oath during the selection for fulfilling all needs of the public, but, there is no chance, they will really complete this oath. In only India have the many politicians and they are divided into many parts of the state, but in all around the world, there is only one politician plays important role in out of the India. The politician, in any country, is a class apart from all others but, the Indian politician is a class apart even from the politicians of the world.

Current political situation in india essay

Political situation in Sri Lanka and region I think a regional discussion at track two among distinguished scholars is very important and this discussion will definitely benefit our region. Regional security is threatened by weak political systems, which lack good governance and the rise of threat from extremist groups.

The fundamental setback is due to weak political culture that promises many but delivers far less. The frustration of the public has been evident in many countries and transitions in political systems are evident, such as in Sri Lanka, which is due for a constitutional amendment to curb the powers of the executive president and change its electoral system.

Rising inequality is another serious issue the region needs to address. More than short-term plans, a long-term plan should be considered to minimize the rising inequality and provide a better living for the people at the bottom of the pyramid. Glamorous infrastructure is not the only solution for this as evident in Sri Lanka, India and many other countries.

The modern Mumbai airport is surrounded by slums and garbage dump yards, in Sri Lanka we have built the new international airport but not many flights come there but the surrounding people in the area are in poverty.

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The previous government was building a massive tower called the Lotus Tower in Colombo, apparently the tallest in South Asia, just a symbol without addressing the key issues, and we have many villages and people suffering for a better living standard.

Political instability is evident everywhere and many have been killed in this region since January this year.

The Maldives is also in turmoil. Former President Nasheed has been arrested and a political crisis in the Maldives looks to further deepen. Amnesty International has been critical of the human rights situation on the islands.

There is a need for constitution amendment in Nepal. This entire context is happening now in South Asia; instability of governments and political crisis are deepening in this region.

The day reform plan set by the new president was implemented soon after his victory and the public is keeping a close eye specially on social media about the progress. The term silent revolution I coined in my column published at IPCS this month is due to the tremendous contribution of social media to defeat the past regime.

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Less thanvotes made the difference and it was the majority of the minority and the one million odd social media users who were the game changers. The political transition was smooth unlike some other nations in South Asia.

This may be due to our democratic value system which is far richer than any individual political leader. Hence, it lead to various types of diplomatic isolation.

Good governance Good governance is the new theme of the current regime. The former Rajapaksa Cabinet with ministers was reduced to less than 40, which is remarkable. The implementation of the Right to Information RTI will be one of the great achievements by the public as they will be able to question authorities on the budget and to voice against corruption.

Register to get FREE updates WCD Ministry empanels Institutes to conduct awareness programmes on Sexual Harassment at Workplace 1 day ago The Ministry of Women and Child Development has empanelled institutions and organisations to conduct awareness exercises on the provisions of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act,in order to ensure security of women at all workplaces.
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Short Essay on Indian Politics and Politicians - Important India It consists of members, who, with the exception of two members who are appointed by the president are elected by popular vote Central Intelligence Agency, This paper deals with the situation of women in parliament, i.

Strengthening of institutions and independent institutions is a very important element as mentioned yesterday by Dr. Sri Lanka and the region have very weak government institutions that are manured by politicians not for the public good of the people.

So many loss-making institutions are a result of political interference and over staffing and many malpractices. Fund allocations for institutions were mismanaged by the previous regime.

For example, the think tank I was heading had an annual operational budget of Rs.


This has to stop in the future and I hope the new government will do a better job. The new government is looking at strengthening the Bribery Commission a very important step.

My personal view is the Bribery Commission should be decentralized to the provinces in Sri Lanka specially to fight political corruption.

Electronic platforms such as ipaidabribe to fight retail corruption should be strengthened by governments. We should strengthen models and processes to fight corruption in the region. We should educate the new politicians on political corruption its affect to the society. Many would prefer to follow the bandwagon of political corruption but we can change this culture.

The asset growth of political leaders should be analysed and authorities should question the high growth of assets. India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and many South Asian countries are battling corruption, a menace to our society.

Sri Lanka was able to destroy the threat of terrorism but there are still terrorism threats in the region. As Sri Lanka has come out of terrorism, they could be used as an example to the nations combating terrorism.

But the previous government failed terribly in a few areas on our post-war reconciliation process.

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Post-war reconciliation and rebuilding are the most important steps. The northern provincial elections were a major step in this direction of inclusiveness after many years of voting right not exercised due to the conflict.Let us write or edit the essay on your topic "Economic and Political Situation in a Developing Country (India)" with a personal 20% discount.

Current political situation in india essay

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I have absolutely no interest in government and politics even in the U.S. (as horrible as that may make me sound) so you can imagine just how little I know about the political situation in Resolved.

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