Custom writing bracelet

Example jewelry designs from previous commissions Still looking Please, do not ask me to copy a piece of jewelry or follow your design as I work only with my own original designs see note below. All my work is hand fabricated, so there will be minor variations. Note that handcrafted jewelry will include subtle differences, even when a design is reproduced.

Custom writing bracelet

Arranging the 3rd knot Arranging the 4th knot Don't worry if this part seems confusing at first! These kinds of projects often feel overwhelming but then suddenly become clear and easy.

Sit with the male end further away from you and the female end next to you, with the inner curve sides facing down.

custom writing bracelet

You're looking at the outside surface of the bracelet. Take the free end of rope on the left side and pass it underneath the two segments of rope in the middle that connect the two pieces of the buckle. After going behind the two ropes in the middle, it then goes over the rope on the right side.

Now take the rope that was already on the right side and pass the end of it over the two center segments and through the loop on the left side. The loop on the left was created when the rope on the left curved around to go under the two ropes in the middle. Pull the knot tight.

When this first knot tightens against the buckle, it doesn't look like much of anything. Don't worry - after a few more knots, you'll see the standard survival bracelet pattern appear! The second knot is exactly like the first, but custom writing bracelet the opposite direction. Take the rope that is on the right side and pass it under the two center lines, then over the rope on the left side.


Then take the rope on the left side and pass it over the center lines and down through the loop created on the right side. When you tighten the knots, pull the paracord firmly, making sure the segments of rope don't get twisted around.

The knots should be good and tight. It's a good idea to check the length of the bracelet again. Wrap the bracelet around your wrist and verify that it is a good fit when the buckles are snapped together. If necessary, undo the first two knots and adjust the length of the bracelet.

Continue making knots in this alternating pattern of starting with the rope on one side and then the other — left, right, left, right You'll notice that there is a vertical "bump" of rope on the side when the knot is tightened.

If that vertical bump is on the right side, it means that the last knot made started with the right rope going under the two center segments. So that indicates your next knot will start with the left rope going under the two center lengths.

This is a good thing to keep in mind if you lose track of where you are! Continue making knots until you work your way to the other buckle and no more knots will fit. As you make the knots, tie them tightly and slide them up in order to maximize the number of knots that will be made.

Click thumbnail to view full-size Pass the ends through the buckle slot Trim the ends to approximately 1. You've made an awesome survival bracelet! Finishing It Off Once you have knotted your way down the length of the bracelet, pass the two rope ends through the slot in the female buckle so that the ends are now on the inner surface of the bracelet.

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Depending on the thickness of the ropes and the width of the slot, this may be fairly easy, or it may require the use of tweezers or curved hemostat, or it may be completely impossible! If you absolutely cannot get the paracord through the slots, then continue to the next step, having the rope go around the sides of the bracelet rather than through the buckle.

This is not ideal, but it will work. You should still have a decent amount of paracord left. Trim the ends back to about 1 or 1. As you did at the beginning of the project, seal the ends of the paracord.

First pull out some of the inner fibers with the tweezers or hemostat and cut them back.

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Then seal the ends using a lighter to quickly heat the paracord and then carefully squeezing the ends of the rope together. With the tweezers or curved hemostat, work the ends of the paracord in under the knots on the inner side of the bracelet.

Continue wriggling, pulling, and tucking until the ends of the ropes are fully hidden. If they stick out, you might find it annoying against your skin as you wear the bracelet. You now have your own homemade survival bracelet!

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