Frida kahlo essay example

Frida Kahlo The purpose of this thesis is to specify links between psychoanalytic theories and all right art - Frida Kahlo and Tracey Emin Essay introduction.

Frida kahlo essay example

Her, often shocking, paintings include images depicting pain, fertility, love and struggle for self-identification. Her self-obsession is apparent in both the subject choice and structure of her paintings.

The majority of her paintings are self-portraits and she is positioned in the centre of most of her works. Self-Portait with cropped hair exemplifies her self-obsession well.

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The plain background of this Self-Portait forces the viewer to focus directly on Frida herself, with the only distraction being her hair, cut-off, on the floor around her. This demonstrates her self-absorption as the spectator has no choice but to notice her drastic, attention-seeking actions of cropping her hair into a manly style- the painting revolves around herself and her affairs entirely.

The context of this painting is also significant in demonstrating her fixation with the Self. It was the first self-portrait the artist painted following her divorce from Diego Riviera, who is said to have loved her long hair. This, therefore, was a demonstration of the termination of his love for her.

Reality, however, is a subjective and indefinable concept. Despite being a self-portrait, La Columna rota is extremely symbolic of many elements of Mexican culture at the time. The lack of foundation of the Chicanos is symbolised through the dry, cracked fragile ground on which the character of Frida stands.

The Chicano Movement encompassed not only the search for collective history but also the restoration of land grants and increased rights of farm workers iii so the use of the barren earth in this painting is extremely effective.

Another movement, prominent in the time, was Feminism. Kahlo here has painted a soft, curvaceous almost sensual figure establishing herself, in this character, to be very feminine. This is then contradicted with the face, which has obvious facial hair and the recurrent one eyebrow is employed.

This juxtaposition of feminine and masculine features forces the onlooker to question our prejudices and stereotypes of women, therefore, challenging the roles of women. This painting is incredibly symbiotic as it incorporates feminism and struggle for identity and represents them through many different symbols.

As the deer is quite obviously male, Kahlo is experimenting with, challenging and examining gender roles: The gashes left from the arrows could represent her persecution in relation to the Chicano movement or the discrimination she suffered because of her gender.

In this painting there are also elements of Pre-Hispanic Mexico as her use of Aztec symbolism is apparent. The themes of death, magic and reincarnation were resonant in Aztec mythology and are particularly obviously mirrored in this specific painting. The blood and numerous wounds suggest death is imminent and the idea of the centaur, employed.

By referring to such stories in her work, Kahlo is further examining identity and delving deeper into history. Little deer is a multi-faceted piece of work and is much more than an expression of her internal pain. It is just one example of her numerous pieces which convey the feelings of her contemporaries symbolising the political climate.

Not only has Kahlo been condemned as self-obsessed but also inaccessible and reclusive. The extremity of her emotions in paint can be shocking and it is almost impossible to empathise with either her portrayal of herself or Kahlo as an artist because of this.

How did I become what I am? How can it be that you all do not understand me? Do not touch me! These questions and orders are proposed especially in My Dress Hangs there where many symbols of pre-Hispanic Latin America, contemporary Mexico and the industrialised United States are employed.

This painting is reclusive as without background knowledge of American culture and the particular movements of the time, the painting is meaningless.

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The business of the piece is also uninviting and results in a very distant and apathetic viewer. There are so many images, fragmented in their position that it creates confusion and disorientation.

Frida kahlo essay example

Kahlo does not welcome her audience into her art so much as confuse and isolate them. The painting of My birth is an extremely challenging piece of art and could be too distressing for many viewers and, therefore, create alienation between the artist and audience. Between the stark background, bloody colours and the stern stare of the Mother Deity, a feeling of expulsion of the viewer is created.

The atmosphere of the painting is cold and austere due to the plain and characterless room in which the bed is situated. It is uncomfortable and uninviting. Kahlo uses reds and oranges to symbolise mortality and in turn leaves the viewer feeling uneasy. Above the bed features a painting of Mother Deity which seems to torment the anonymous mother as she cannot bear to look at it.

It creates a sentiment of guilt and wrong-doing for both the character and the viewer: This adds greatly to the unsettling atmosphere of the piece. Although a subject matter that affects many women, Kahlo repels empathy by filling the piece with such torment.Frida Kahlo is known even today not only for her graphic paintings, depicting and illustrative of the pain and suffering she had to endure through her short life, but also for her unibrow and for her luxurious facial hair, which she made no attempt to hide or remove whatsoever.

Mar 30,  · Words: Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Frida Kahlo If it can be said that a bomb is free when it explodes, Frida Kahlo was most free when the explosive power of her artistry allowed her to be herself. 【 Frida Kahlo, The Two Fridas Essay 】 from best writers of Artscolumbia Largest assortment of free essays Find what you need here!

“Kahlo’s work is inaccessible and reclusive - Frida Kahlo Essay introduction. Her art does not reflect reality but is merely concerned with internal struggles of acceptance and obsessed with the self”. The circulatory system is another example of how Frida Kahlo uses a bold style to communicate complex emotions.

The Two Fridas by Frida Kahlo is a great piece of artwork to be a critic for.

It provides very unique and bold visual aspects that translate to deep and intense emotional expressions. Frida Kahlo was the creator of the “Henry Ford Hospital” (The Flying Bed) painting. This is one of her most painful self-portraits that she had ever painted.

Frida created this artwork of herself during one of her most painful times in her life.

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