Greater grassmarket bid business plan

If businesses vote 'Yes' the BID will be used as a tool to attract investment and the funds used for a variety of projects to boost the Grassmarket and surrounding area. Under the Business Improvement District agreement, events and promotions would be planned to attract more people to the area and better use the public space. It would also aim to address antisocial behaviour and improve perceptions of the Grassmarket to a more family friendly area. Councillor Andrew Burns, Council Leader, said:

Greater grassmarket bid business plan

While the Scars vinyl had already been approved it later became part of a bigger application to include a three CD box set too. Most of that has been approved by the band but any extra bits need approval from Universal who work more slowly on these things and it has taken longer than expected.

None of this would be possible without the help of Cherry Red who deal with everything and they will manufacture the vinyl and then pass it on to myself. Having said that I do have contacts with Universal myself so have emailed them asking if matters can be finalised.

As soon as we hear from Universal we can then see how it fits into the Cherry Red scheduling and I can give out a new date.

greater grassmarket bid business plan

Logistically it made sense to promote the TV21 and Scars albums together and I have offers for worldwide distribution promoting both albums. Hence the TV21 album has been caught up in the delay. Thankfully everybody who has asked is just pleased these albums are coming out on vinyl and not concerned about any delays.

Believe it or not greater grassmarket bid business plan is a third album under discussion that will make a lot of people very happy indeed but nothing can be said as yet.


Anybody who has placed an order and not asked already should get an email this week with this update. Cheers Avalanche hiatus to hopefully end soon At the moment I mainly work on the Scot Pop Centre and as Avalanche sell online to bring in what income I can.

The large vinyl collection I was given to sell recently bought me a couple more months but now I need to make that side of things more permanent.

We will initially be supplying them with albums from 20 Scottish artists that we think their customers will appreciate and looking to attract new fans from their large footfall rather than the current trend of mostly targeting an established fan base.

What I need to do now is find a space in the city centre to base myself.

The Greater Grassmarket Business Improvement District (BID) – which represents a string of local businesses – has secured a public entertainment licence to manage regular small-scale events in an attempt to boost pedestrian numbers. Leith (/ l iː θ /; Scottish Gaelic: Lìte) is an area to the north of the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, at the mouth of the Water of Leith.. The earliest surviving historical references are in the royal charter authorising the construction of Holyrood Abbey in The medieval settlements of Leith had grown into a burgh by , and the burgh was merged into Edinburgh in PA23 Dunoon BID Business Plan 15th April to 14th April Contents Foreword – Euan Macdonald, Chairman, PA23 BID Steering Group 1 , Greater Grassmarket and, most recently, Largs Matters. There are at least another 19 in the formal development phase. BID Business. Tourism Partnership (AISTP) destination Dunoon. and businesses.

I say space rather than shop because realistically all I need is a secure space that can be accessed by the public. Not I should add one of these places that sells online and says you can visit but it will be a space I can work from and people can visit for whatever reason.

It will be laid out like a shop for sure but not with a full on shop ethos. They have such good memories and often recall the bands they discovered at Avalanche or the gigs we recommended they go to.

There was a period when we still did what we did but with far less sales as people could just go away and listen for free and buy online.

Once the direct to fan sales kicked in for new releases that time was over. So for now the emphasis will shift back towards selling stuff and working on the ScotPop Centre will be something I do when I can and have the time.

Many may not even notice a difference as social media will not be affected too much I suspect. Certainly if I had just kept on with the shop and worked on the idea of the centre when I could I would never have reached the point I have now.

The few people who know how much we have ready to go appreciate the work that has gone on unseen and of course unpaid. Edinburgh Council have failed to come up with anywhere in four years and if you do find something they say they have to offer it to everybody.

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If I had got a council gallery or museum space then obviously the focus would have been different but for now the plan is to have a physical presence and shift the emphasis back to Avalanche until such time as the centre is up and running but not set any deadlines for that.

As always I can be contacted using kevinavalanche hotmail. I was relieved to hear that dance and folk would not be covered as that was also my feeling.

There would be plenty of artists that would cross into the Scottish pop arena but as a genre both could easily have their own exhibitions. As it turned out Rip It Up made a nod to dance with Optimo and the Fini Tribe which looked like the token gesture we had discussed not occurring.

Grassmarket group ‘Mafia-style extortion scheme’ - Edinburgh Evening News

A band like the Shamen certainly crossed over and as with the folk artists the museum included if it is in the context of Scottish pop then they do fit the criteria. You can tell what a minefield it is when in the four BBC radio programmes that accompany Rip It Up dance gets a whole show and folk is barely mentioned.

ScotPop MEC will have a lot more input from photographers, journalists and the magazines of the time. Venues, clubs and shops were also so important to the scene in any decade and of course artwork from the record covers to the t-shirts, badges and posters were an integral part of defining a band on top of their music.

All of this will be covered extensively and material has already been sourced. It was great to see the Rezillos costumes they wore on Top of the Pops, some interesting guitars and awards but generally I think we would look to have less of that than the museum.

I even have access to live recordings that have never been heard and I need to work out how they can be used.Last month, Edinburgh council issued summary warrants to owners on behalf of the Greater Grassmarket Bid who have so far refused to pay the mandatory levy, representing around half of eligible voters.

The abstainers, many small retailers, are thought to owe the Bid levies worth more than £70, She said: “The Greater Grassmarket Bid business plan, approved by a democratic ballot of the businesses in , is being delivered and businesses are already seeing the benefits, including.

Ambition BID and Greater Grassmarket BID. Each BID has its own business plan which delivers projects and services which benefit the local business environment. These proposals are voted for by businesses in the BID area. If BID proposals are approved at ballot, the BID will serve a five year term.

Greater Grassmarket BID Introduces New Manager The Greater Grassmarket Business Improvement District (BID) has this week announced the appointment of Norrie Stewart as its new BID project manager.

Norrie brings a wealth of retail, national and international marketing and business development experience to the role of BID project manager at this important half-way point in the BID’s five-year . Just a quick update on the TV21 and Scars vinyl.

While the Scars vinyl had already been approved it later became part of a bigger application to include a three CD box set too. Last month, Edinburgh council issued summary warrants to owners on behalf of the Greater Grassmarket Bid who have so far refused to pay the mandatory levy, representing around half .

Grassmarket traders to pay levy to upgrade area - The Scotsman