Harry potter and a life changed essay

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Harry potter and a life changed essay

It was a controversial topic, and the vast majority of comments-- even those that disagreed with me--were overwhelmingly intelligent and kind.

Harry potter and a life changed essay

You guys are one kickass group. Had I been told ten years ago that a piece of literature would so dramatically change the way I think, the way I view the world, and the way I live my life as J.

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My mother always tells me that she knew I was going to be an English major from the day I learned to talk: But, in the end, my desire to gluttonize a novel proved stronger than my desire to win a fight, and I fell asleep in the wee hours of the night, clutching the hard cover of my new best friend to my prepubescent chest.

However, just as my mom suspected my lifelong passion from my early childhood, some latent personality traits never die.

It may sound like an exaggeration, but so many of my personal experiences have dominoed from those pages. I was fourteen—going into my freshman year in high school-- when Half-Blood Prince was released, and although my love for the series had not dwindled, I was at that stage in my life when being accepted by my school clique was more important than taking the risk to show my true self, and I had been keeping my obsession nearly secret.

In need of an outlet, I did a little bit of googling one afternoon, and came across a website called MuggleNet. I was far from alone. MuggleCast led me to search other avenues on the internet used by fans to express their obsessions, and I discovered a brand new, unknown video-sharing website called YouTube, to which I became one of the first couple thousand members.

Shortly thereafter, a slew of other fans discovered the site, and my videos were being seen by hundreds of people who knew exactly where I was coming from. Somewhere between the start of my sophomore year and the unexpected bombardment of user-generated content that the growing popularity of YouTube provided, I was offered a job with Google, and began receiving revenue for the traffic my Potter-related videos attracted to the website.

Two of my good friends are married because of my devotion to a book series. I learned that two people who appear totally different on the outside can have in common their love for a piece of literature, and that, just as Jo Rowling teaches, love should always win over hate.

The lessons of acceptance and the commonality of the human experience that Harry, Ron and Hermione encounter over the course of the series correlate directly to my life. I started high school as an Abercrombie-clad fake, associating myself only with the people who looked exactly like me and forced themselves into molds, and because of a book, I left my graduation ceremony with a career, friends across the globe who care more deeply about my soul than about my clothes, and the knowledge that a belief in truth can always beat out evil at the end of the day.

Through my experiences with Harry Potter, I will never be able to approach a piece of literature passively. My mother sensed my passion for literature from the picture book days, and I will forever be grateful to Jo Rowling for exposing just how important this passion can be.

But it improves my argument. Anyway, one of the two videos was dark and silent, and has since been removed. Oh, and for those of you who saw my tweet, the essay figured out to exactly words, including the headings and such.

Discovering that my meal plan includes a coffee shop, fancy restaurant, and nice cafeteria, and that I have a good deal of money in my account that can be spent exclusively in these locations. The fact that I discovered this today, and the money expires by the end of the quarter, which is next week.

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I have been drinking a lot of iced teas this afternoon. Chipotle burritos this year:Jan 26,  · Bella's Engilsh essay (Hp changed my life) January 26, at PM For me, as silly and childish as it might sound, my life changed the day I first read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Now, I know that most people will think that my reading a book couldn’t have possibly significantly affected my life, but really.

With one more day until the final Harry Potter film, fans are reminiscing about growing up with the young wizard. The Plain Dealer hosted a “How Harry Potter Changed My Life” essay contest for. Keira Marcos In my spare time I write fan fiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on Facebook.

It's not the usual kind of hobby for a "domestic engineer" in her 30's but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is a fantasy film directed by Alfonso Cuarón and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. It is based on J.


K. Rowling's novel of the same attheheels.com film, which is the third instalment in the Harry Potter film series, was written by Steve Kloves and produced by Chris Columbus (director of the first two instalments), David Heyman, and Mark Radcliffe.

Something, somewhere, somewhen, must have happened differently PETUNIA EVANS married Michael Verres, a Professor of Biochemistry at Oxford. HARRY JAMES POTTER-EVANS-VERRES grew up in a house filled to the brim with books. Art by FanArts Series – – – – – Prologue.

July 12, “Lord Potter, it is high time you woke and greeted this fine day we are having.”.

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