Rules for writing a picture composition for kids

Saturday, August 15, English Composition - Primary 2 A friend's daughter who is taking her PSLE exams this year, writes with a simple and natural flair and has none of the cliches evident in most kids' essays regurgitated from model answers. Hannah was so inspired after reading that piece of work that she also wanted me to post her own composition which was done in school in my blog.

Rules for writing a picture composition for kids

Use concrete rather than vague language. The weather was of an extreme nature on the West Coast. This sentence raises frustrating questions: When did this extreme weather occur? What does "of an extreme nature" mean? Where on the West Coast did this take place? California had unusually cold weather last week.

Use active voice whenever possible. Active voice means the subject is performing the verb. Passive voice means the subject receives the action.

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Barry hit the ball. The ball was hit.

rules for writing a picture composition for kids

Notice that the party responsible for the action—in the previous example, whoever hit the ball—may not even appear when using passive voice. So passive voice is a useful option when the responsible party is not known.

My watch was stolen. NOTE The passive voice has often been criticized as something employed by people in power to avoid responsibility: Avoid overusing there is, there are, it is, it was, etc. There is a case of meningitis that was reported in the newspaper. A case of meningitis was reported in the newspaper.

The newspaper reported a case of meningitis. It is important to signal before making a left turn. Signaling before making a left turn is important. OR Signaling before a left turn is important. OR You should signal before making a left turn. There are some revisions that must be made.

Some revisions must be made. Passive voice Even better: Please make some revisions. Active voice Rule 4. To avoid confusion and pompousnessdon't use two negatives to make a positive without good reason.

He is not unwilling to help. He is willing to help. Sometimes a not un- construction may be desirable, perhaps even necessary: The book is uneven but not uninteresting.

However, the novelist-essayist George Orwell warned of its abuse with this deliberately silly sentence: Use consistent grammatical form when offering several ideas.Writers use the descriptive essay to create a vivid picture of a person, place, or thing.

Unlike a narrative essay, which reveals meaning through a personal story, the purpose of a descriptive essay is to reveal the meaning of a subject through detailed, sensory observation.

Writing can be one of the most daunting skills for some students to learn. Over time, however, students of any skill level can learn to write effectively with the right practice and instruction.

We've developed a set of different writing worksheets around specific areas like editing and proofing, writing conclusions, choosing topic sentences, and how to use transition words.

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Give your kids the edge they need to write the sharpest compositions with the help of Jerry and his team; Compositions are based on latest primary school syllabus. Picture Composition. Showing top 8 worksheets in the category - Picture Composition.

Some of the worksheets displayed are Elite writing skills picture composition, Picture composition work, Developingdeveloping writingriting, About the picture, Title picture composition and target text authors heath,, Work, English grammar composition.

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