Students from rural areas often find

Think broadly about the factors that influence health. These upstream drivers include education and income and the many other factors described in this report. Assess needs and resources.

Students from rural areas often find

Teachers have been seen as an effective instrument towards achieving this effective teaching. Teachers are recognised as the main pills of our educational system.

It is pertinent to mention here that ineffective and poor teaching of some key subject in the school curriculum have continue to do some havoc by shattering the hopes and aspiration of most students, especially the very ambitious ones.

Most students have desired to become specialists in the field of knowledge or the others but could not make the grade in the basic examinations that should have given them entry into higher institution such as the University.

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The effort made by the government in the federation to increase the supply of qualified teachers of lack of the qualified teachers and its efforts on the academic performance of students.

The Bachelor Degree in education was introduce in almost all the Nigeria university in the bid to provide more trained teachers for effective teaching and Students from rural areas often find which will in turn influence the performance of students in both the Urban and rural area collage whose programmes were modified and enriched given way to a new certificate, National certificate of Education.

These provide the trained teachers for the lower form of secondary schools and teacher training colleges. In addition to the above mention measure, the federal government has upgraded some college of education such as Alvan Ikoku college of Education to a degree awarding institution which thus providing Nigeria Certificate of Education and degree holder simultaneously.

The Phelps stroke Report ofaccording to Fafunwa, critcised this system of teacher training as being Unsatisfactory due to the fact that the pupil-teacher was overworked and Underpaid and partly because the curriculum was poorly conceived, the supervisory system was inadequate and the missions did not understand the purpose of African education Byaccording is Fafunwa, there are 13 Teachers Training colleges with a total population of 20 men and 30 women Phipson This is to explain the above statement as an indication based on the fart that good teachers are those who give students what they need and not measure mainly on qualifications.

Commenting on the general condition of teachers training colleges. It could be said, without exception that the provision of training centres has been inadequate and in some areas it does not exist. To Lewis He emphasized that the most cases, the potential teachers had nothing more than a primary education and often than not, had to work under a supervising teacher already fully employed with his or her own class.

There is a relationship between the quality of the teaching personnel and the quality of the education system or process Ukeje For him the real value of a sound education principle lies in its effective implementation and in the final analysis, it is the teachers who translate theory into practice.

In his own words, the quality of the school and that of the teaching personnel can create a vicious circle for we cannot have good schools unless we have good teachers and we cannot have good teachers unless we have good school to produce them.

One of the problems has been inequitable posting of teachers in favour of our urban secondary schools. Since the communities have been encouraged by the government to build neigbourhood secondary schools.

Students from rural areas often find

It is only fair that adequate manpower and infrastructure should be provided in all schools and their places of location 1. A possible problem resulting from the shortage of qualified teachers to our Secondary is the poor performances which arise in rural area schools in particular.

Intellectually, students from the rural areas are said to suffer backwardness and failure as a result of unqualified teachers posting in the schools. For these reasons, the research tends to examine the effects of the problem on the academic performances of the affected Schools in Ebonyi Educational Zone, Ebonyi State.

The study specifically seeks to: This study when completed will contribute some knowledge which may be of help to the state and federal government to make a policy that will help curb the high rate of shortage of qualified teachers in our country.

And why it is good to employ only the professional e. Finally, the project when completed will provide the public and mostly the teachers on the best way to take in order to avoid half backed teacher. It limited to the effect of shortage of qualified teachers on the academic performance of students.

The researcher in this chapter will attempt to bring out the effect of shortage of qualified teachers on education of the affected students, by examining the interactive available. The researcher intends to embark on this under the following headings: This means that extra care should be taken in the recruitment and posting of teachers to our Urban and rural secondary schools.

There should be equal distribution of teachers in these areas for greater productivity. On the quality of teachers, Itotoh said quality of teachers is important in any meaningful presentation of educational transactions.

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Quality of teachers is essential to the achievement of the great National aspiration. For that reason, extra care should be taken when recruiting them into the teaching profession. If teachers and the authorities responsible for education can pay heed to this objective, the problem of staffing in our schools, both in the Urban and the rural areas will be minimal.

This strengthens the fact that all secondary schools in the state not only in Abakaliki Zone should be adequately staffed with the right caliber of teachers. This will make it possible for the students to be on the same footing academically not minding where the school is located.

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And be ensuring quality control in the school, it is necessary to have good teachers. The answer is emphatically, No.

Reflecting the importance of teachers in any society, Emezi said that since teachers are the backbone of the whole educational system their education therefore is perhaps the most vital factor affecting our future.

We must ensure that the teacher is an educated person who possesses a firm grounding and a considerable deeper knowledge of the subject he is obliged to teach. If teachers are not well educated the country will end up in producing half backed students.

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These are people who have the urge and ability to teach and lead others alright.The study will provide the general public with information on the importance of training people who are capable of offering the best to the students in our various schools.

Poor students or students who come from rural areas often find it is difficult to get access to the university education, so some people think universities. By alleviating educational and economic disparities between rural and urban areas, higher education centers could benefit not only students and communities in rural areas but the nation as a whole.

Bio. View more Substance Abuse in Rural Areas Though often perceived to be a problem of the inner city, substance abuse has long been prevalent in rural areas.

Seattle University College of Nursing is dedicated to preparing values-based, compassionate nursing professionals who will serve the health care needs of our community, especially the . Students from rural areas often find it difficult to access university education.

Students from rural areas often find

Some people think that it should become easier for them to study at universities.

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