The major issue of islamophobia in american politics government and society

Political and social views The political profile of Muslim Americans is much the same today as it was when Pew Research Center first comprehensively surveyed this population a decade ago: Muslims constitute a strongly Democratic constituency. Three-quarters of Muslim voters say they cast a ballot for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, and two-thirds of U.

The major issue of islamophobia in american politics government and society

Alexis de Tocqueville was a French Historian and political thinker. However, there are glaring differences as well.

Already existing negative tendencies in human nature have been exacerbated by social engineers that have attempted to alter and guide society according to their own visions.

Power and authority are now largely trusted and seen as sources of protection by a large portion of the population rather than threats to personal liberty and freedom, though this is changing. True community is becoming increasingly rare.

American Muslims' political and social views

Government has expanded exponentially. All of these changes have an impact on how much freedom we enjoy — and how much freedom can be taken away without much resistance. Below are some interesting excerpts from Democracy in America: Social authority makes them mistrustful and anxious, and they rely upon its power only when they cannot do without it.

This first becomes apparent in the schools, where children play by their own rules and punish infractions they define themselves. One encounters the same spirit in all aspects of social life. An obstruction blocks a public road, interrupting the flow of traffic.

The neighbors immediately set up a deliberative body. Enlightenment, like power, is disseminated throughout this vast country.

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Hence the beams of human intelligence do not all emanate from a common center but crisscross in every direction. Nowhere have the Americans established any central direction over their thinking, any more than they have established any central direction over affairs of state. An idea that is clear and precise even though false will always have greater power in the world than an idea that is true but complex.

Montesquieu said that there is nothing more absolute than the authority of a prince who succeeds a republic, because the indefinite powers once fearlessly entrusted to elected officials would then be placed in the hands of a hereditary leader. This is true in general, but particularly true of a democratic republic.

In the United States, officials are not elected by a particular class of citizens but by the majority of the nation; they directly represent the passions of the multitude and are entirely dependent on its will.

They therefore inspire neither hatred nor fear. Thus, as I noted earlier, little care has been taken to limit their power by circumscribing their action, and the range of arbitrary discretion left to them is vast.

The major issue of islamophobia in american politics government and society

The habits fostered by this way of ordering things could outlast it. American officials could keep their indefinite power yet cease to be answerable to anyone, and it is impossible to say where tyranny would then end.

There are some among us who expect to see an aristocracy arise in America and who are already predicting exactly when it will seize power. Our contemporaries will find no image of it in their memories.

I search in vain for an expression that exactly reproduces my idea of it and captures it fully. The thing is new, hence I must try to define it, since I cannot give it a name. I see an innumerable host of men, all alike and equal, endlessly hastening after petty and vulgar pleasures with which they fill their souls.

Each of them, withdrawn into himself, is virtually a stranger to the fate of all the others. For him, his children and personal friends comprise the entire human race.

As for the remainder of his fellow citizens, he lives alongside them but does not see them.

The major issue of islamophobia in american politics government and society

He touches them but does not feel them. He exists only in himself and for himself, and if he still has a family, he no longer has a country. Over these men stands an immense tutelary power, which assumes sole responsibility for securing their pleasure and watching over their fate.

It is absolute, meticulous, regular, provident, and mild. It would resemble paternal authority if only its purpose were the same, namely, to prepare men for manhood. But on the contrary, it seeks only to keep them in childhood irrevocably.

It likes citizens to rejoice, provided they think only of rejoicing.The field of American studies must more aggressively tackle the spread of Islamophobia because it has become an overtly acceptable racist discourse that is saturating civil society in the United States and Western societies in general.

1 Certainly, when racism toward a group is tolerated in public. Mar 14,  · These are the questions everyone should consider because Islamophobia exists and its only racist that is widely shown in the media everywhere. Since Islam is the next largest religion in the world and because it is spread to every part of the world, makes it such a major Resolved.

Germany. The German political mainstream is getting increasingly nervous about the effect that the rise of fake news might have on federal elections next autumn.

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About Pew Research Center Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world.

It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other empirical social science research. Aug 01,  · In Lebanon, Islam is not the favored religion of the state, but the major Muslim sects in the country operate their own courts overseeing family law.

5 Attitudes of Lebanese Muslims appear to mirror this political and legal structure: While roughly three-in-ten (29%) say sharia should be the official law of the land, about half (53%) say .

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