Writing a class constitution lesson plan

In this lesson plan, students practice a close reading and an analysis of the Preamble and related historic documents to form an understanding of how they reflect the ideas of the framers of the Constitution about the foundation and historical aims of government. The culminating lesson task is for students to use text evidence to write a well-constructed essay to show how the word choices and the structure of the Preamble show how the Constitution is different from the Articles of Confederation.

Writing a class constitution lesson plan

Imagine there is no government. Imagine there is no civilization. There are no cities, cars, guns, no technology but the most primitive tools. Why does it look like that?

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Tell students they will be turning in their short essays at the end of class. Students write for 10 minutes or so and then share out. This discussion should lead to questions about human nature and the purpose of government.

The teacher will manage the discussion and write the definition on the board or type it on the SmartBoard. The activity will go until the class agrees that the definition works.

The teacher can ask prodding questions as necessary. It touches on their views of the State of Nature, the purpose of government, their preferred form of government, the role of rights and other contributions they made. This should give students a foundation of understanding.

Document Evaluation and Online Research Students will be broken up into four groups — one for each of the Enlightenment thinkers. Their task will be to put together a presentation for a class discussion.

They will read and research their philosopher and then explain his positions on human nature, rights and the purpose of government.

Groups will be provided original documents from their philosopher some may need to be excerpted or modified for understanding. They will also be provided time with laptops or other computers so they can research.

All research completed online must be documented. To accomplish their task, groups will split up the work. There should be a group leader organizes the overall presentation and fields questions from other groupsa government expert, a human nature expert and an expert on rights.

If there are more people for each group, they can help with tasks as needed. Discussion — Debating Rights and the Role of Government After the groups have had time to put together a short presentation this could be a full class periodthey will participate in a class discussion.

Their job is to convince an emerging nation, the United States of America can be played by the teacher or another group of studentsas to what their new nation should look like. What kind of government would be best?

What rights should people have?Provide students with a brief background on the Constitution* if your class has not already studied it (or needs a refresher), or simply use the lesson plan ideas below as a supplement to your course units on the Constitution.

What is the significance of the Six Big Ideas in the Constitution historically and for Americans today? The Six Big Ideas are: limited government; See also the lesson plan, Teaching With Documents:U.S.

Constitution Workshop. The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.

writing a class constitution lesson plan

Teaching Democracy: What was the Purpose of the Preamble? This 5th grade lesson is designed as an introduction to the study of the Constitution. The lesson’s focus on the First, they will need to collect evidence for writing. As a class read the focus question, background information, introduction, and thesis from the handout.

This lesson explores the Federalist Papers. First, students of the Constitution.

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Optional writing activity:Students write on why they would have been a Federalist or Anti-Federalist. OVERVIEW Engage the class in a discussion reviewing the lesson. Questions to raise. Students reflect on their values as a class and community to build a classroom constitution. Teachers. Teachers Home Lesson Plan.

Creating a Classroom Constitution We're Writing the Constitution by Jean Fritz and share that it will help them understand how and why the U.S.

Constitution was written. Write the following heading on the. Creating a Classroom Constitution Civic Participation Teacher's Guide: Lesson 1 A Classroom Constitution. Explain that the class will write a classroom constitution that the class will follow for the remainder of the year.

Start with a preamble. Ask groups to identify the elements that make up the preamble of Writing a Classroom.

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